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The Sheehy story: 1862-2009

John Sheehy b.1862-1933 married Ellen O'Connor b.1874-1947 of Mullaugh, Cloghane, Castlegregory.  They came from Strand Street where they had a small shop and 13 children.  Only three of their sons (John Joe, Tommy and Timmy) moved to 132 The Wood with them.  Their daughter Mamie Sheehy Brosnan lived next door at 133 The Wood.

John and Ellen Sheehy's son, John Joe continued to live in the house and married Abbie Long of Dunquin  and had 5 sons, John Francis, Tony, Joseph, James and Tommy.  Tommy is a postman and lives in the house today with Marianne where they run the Blooming Wildflower Cottage Bed & Breakfast and also a small wildflower seed business. 

 John Joe & Abbey Sheehy, 1950               


John Sheehy 1862


James Sheehy followed in his father's footsteps and became a fisherman.  He left the cottages and built his own house about 1/4 mile away in Milltown.  He married Mary Catherine Russell from Ballydavid and they opened Sheehy's Bed and Breakfast in the new house.  They have two daughters, Alice and Gail who are attending university in Cork City.

Thomas F. Reilly (born February 14, 1942) is the 45th Massachusetts Attorney General. He was born in Springfield, Massachusetts to Irish immigrant parents, Mortimor Reilly and Bridie Sheehy.     His mother. Bridie P. Sheehy, born in Dingle is the daughter of John Sheehy and Ellen O’Connor from The Wood cottages, Dingle. In July 1966, Tom Reilly married Ruth Gammons (b. 1941), now a retired schoolteacher. The couple have three daughters: Leslie (b. 1968), Meaghan (b. 1973), and Kyle (b. 1980).

Tom Reilly was one of three candidates who sought the Democratic nomination for governor of Massachusetts in the 2006 election.




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