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About Dingle





Michael (Mike) Murphy married Catherine (Kate) Devane and moved into this house from Goat Street with their three children, Jack, Margaret (Peg) and Michael.  All the children emigrated to England. Mike died about 1942 and Kate died in England in 1960 aged 90.  The house was rented out for a number of years but remained in the ownership of Peg.  The Last Cottage is now a bed and breakfast run by Peg’s daughter Margaret Holderied and her daughter Lorna who returned to live in Dingle in 1981.


Michael Murphy Junior and Mike Murphy Senior during 'the Emergency'.

Mike and Kate Murphy with their niece Kathleen Devane in the garden.

Kate Murphy with grandson Michael Luland down the Lane.

Mike Murphy with friend.

Present owners Margaret and Lorna Holderied


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