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Second Meeting of the Cottages Centenary

Celebrations Planning Team

Held in Dingle Bay Hotel on Friday, 17th April 2009.




                   John O’Connor, Chairman

                   Ignatius O’Connor

                   Tommy Sheehy,

                   James Sheehy,

                   Christie Slattery

                   Maurice Donnegan

                   Marie, John and Patrick O’Sullivan

                   Brian and Brenda Farrell

                   Margaret Holderied


  1. The date set at Saturday, 3rd October 2009. 


  1. Maurice Donnegan to book Harbour Lodge for Mass and reception.


  1. Marie O’Sullivan to approach a priest to say Mass.


  1. Margaret Holderied to book Skellig Hotel - estimated 150 guests for meal in the evening.  Each household will be responsible for paying for their own guests.  Numbers for the meal to be advised as soon as possible.


  1. Maurice to take photo of all the cottages for form a new Logo for banners, notepaper etc.


  1. Ignatius and Christy to investigate funding.


  1. Brenda agreed to act as Treasurer.


  1. John reported that it would cost about €500 for two good quality banners to be slung across the road at the first and last cottages.  These would be bi-lingual.  It was agreed that Tommy and Brian would get quotes from other companies to see if they were any cheaper.


  1. Margaret has put up a basic web site on a free site.  The address is www.cottagescentenary.page.tl.  Please visit it and come up with some suggestions.   Photographs and stories to be put on the website to be given to Margaret.  It is planned to have a page for each of the houses with photos and a history of all the occupants.  There is also an e-mail account especially for the centenary. The address is cottagescentenary@gmail.com and the password is lastcottage so everybody can use it to stay in touch and pass around information. 


  1. It was agreed that post cards would be a good idea and a sample of one used by Last Cottage B and B is attached (would be grateful if you would return it).  Maurice agreed to take a photo incorporating all the cottages for this post card and any suggestions for wording are requested.


  1. Margaret to approach Marian O’Flaherty to put an article in local papers.   Marian agreed and would like to take a picture of committee members (at least 3) in front of the Cottages for the article.   This would be taken on Monday evening of the week in which the article is to appear.  Let Margaret know who is prepared to be in the picture (next Monday?).


  1. Next Meeting – 15th May 2009 at 9.00 p.m.


  1. Updates since meeting:  Harbour Lodge and Skellig Hotel have been booked for 3rd October.  The Skellig suggested the Function Room as the numbers are large and we want a band. I said that the meal would probably be served at about 8 p.m. but that can be changed.  List of bands and sample menus to be sent in time for next meeting. 


  1. A brief history of each of the houses courtesy of Padraig Lynch is attached.  Please update, edit or change this with any information you may have about any of the houses and get back to Margaret.  This information can be used on the website if everyone agrees.


  1. I will send these minutes and attachments in hard copy and also to the e-mail address given at No. 9 and anybody can send me their information, pictures etc the same way if it makes it easier.



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