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Eighths Meeting of the Cottages Centenary

Celebrations Planning Team

Held in Dingle Bay Hotel on Thursday, 3rd September 2009.



                   James Sheehy,

                   Brenda Farrell,

                   Brian Farrell,

                   Christie Slattery,

                   Mary Donnegan,

                   Margaret Holderied.


1.                   Brenda reported that Kerry County Council had made a donation of €400.  This was arranged by Kevin Lynch who presented a letter written by Brian requesting funding.


2.                 Molly Sheehy’s niece has paid the €100.


3.                 Invitations to the Mass and to the dancing after the meal in the Skellig will be printed and distributed to all the houses in the area.  


4.                 The Harbour Lodge will be asked to do the clean up after the Mass and refreshments for a fee.


5.                 It was agreed to cancel the previous decision to charge for anyone coming to the music after the meal. 


6.                 Margaret will ask the Skellig to quote a price for a wine and mineral reception for guests arriving for the meal to encourage guests to go straight to the event room rather than disperse to the bar.  


7.                 The Skellig will also the requested to supply a person to man the door on the night.  Everyone attending will be asked to present their ticket.


8.                 A record will be kept of all tickets sold just in case a guest has forgotten their ticket.


9.                 Everyone will meet at Flaherty’s Bar at 3.30 p.m. on 3rd October to march with the Fife and Drum Band to the Mass at The Harbour Lodge.


10.              Mary is going to keep in touch with the Canon about saying the Mass.   It is still hoped that Father Jack will con-celebrate the Mass but final arrangements will be made nearer the date.


11.               A further update of the numbers expected to attend:

 4 Sheehys

21 Slatterys

10 Farrells

12 Donnegans

 6 Sullivans

 2 Joe Lynchs

 4 McCarthys

40 O’Connors

 5 David Lynchs

 5 Goggins

 4 Holderieds

 3 Guiheens

 2 Priests

Total 119 so far


Final figures will be given to the hotel by the last week in September.

12.              Everybody is requested to purchase tickets for the meal as soon as possible.  A further 100 tickets to be ordered.

    13.       Next meeting to tie up final loose ends and make sure everything is in place will be on 28th September


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