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                                                                                                    Margaret Holderied

   140 The Wood


   Tel: 9151469

   Mob: 0868562309

   e-mail: cottagescentenary@gmail.com


                 Sunday, 17 May 2009   


Dear everyone,


Sorry that I was unable to make the last meeting on Friday evening.   I have just had a chat with John who sent me on his comments about the meeting and it seems that everyone at the meeting was not in agreement with what had already been done.   It seems that some houses did not get the minutes of the last meeting – I did put an envelope through each of the doors and posted them on the website (www.cottagescentenary.page.tl) – but I am including the previous minutes with this letter to the people who were at the last meeting.  


I was under the impression that we had all agreed to hold the meal at the Skellig and that I was asked to book the hotel if it was available on 3rd October.   I had a chat with Karen at the hotel and as the 3rd October was available I PROVISIONALLY booked that date and asked for a sample menu.  This was only a basis on which to work and as you can see from the letter from the Skellig they are happy to discuss cost and menus etc. closer to the date.    From John’s comments it seems that some people feel that it would be better to have the meal somewhere else!! SHOULD I CANCEL THE SKELLIG?   I will leave the booking in place until next FRIDAY, 22ND MAY and unless I hear from each of you letting me know that you want to go ahead with the meal I will CANCEL THE BOOKING on Friday.   I think it would be unfair to the Skellig to leave the booking in place if we do not intend to use it as they could well be turning down other bookings for that date.


I am posting John’s summing up of the last meeting on the website also and have included a copy with this letter.      Please get back to me before Friday letting me know whether or not you want the event in the Skellig to go ahead.   You can either ‘phone, text or e-mail your comments to the numbers and addresses above.  If I do not hear from you I will cancel the booking.





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