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Seventh Meeting of the Cottages Centenary

Celebrations Planning Team

Held in Dingle Bay Hotel on Thursday, 6th August 2009.



                   James Sheehy,

                   Brenda Farrell

                   Christie Slattery

                   Mary Donnegan

                   Maurice Donnegan

                   Marie and John O’Sullivan

                   Margaret Holderied



Apologies:    Brian Farrell         


1.                   Margaret reported than John O’Connor has booked the Michael O’Callaghan Big Band for 3rd October and that he and Ignatius will arrange the sponsorship to cover the cost.


2.                 The tickets have been printed and are now available for sale.


3.                 Brenda said that Brian had been in touch with Kevin Lynch and had sent a letter to the Council regarding sponsorship.  Kevin got back to him and apparently there is €300 available.  This will be put towards the cost of the band.


4.                 11 houses have now paid the €100 contribution and there is €750 currently in the Credit Union account.


5.                 Maurice is completing the sponsorship application form for Udaras.


6.                 Publicity for the event:  Maurice will do a piece for his free paper and Marian O’Flaherty will be asked to put an article into the new on-line Dingle News.  Otherwise the word will be spread by word of mouth by committee members etc.

7.                 A further update of the numbers expected to attend:

 4 Sheehys

21 Slatterys

10 Farrells

12 Donnegans

 6 Sullivans

 2 Joe Lynchs

 4 McCarthys

40 O’Connors

 5 David Lynchs

 5 Goggins

 7 Holderieds

 3 Guiheens

 2 Priests

Total 121 so far


Final figures will be given to the hotel by the last week in September


8.                 Next Meeting – Thursday, 3rd September at 9 p.m.



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