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J. O'Connor,

Tommy Sheehy, James Sheehy,

Johnny Sullivan, Marie Sullivan,

Mary Donegan, Mossy Donegan.

Apologies: Margaret Holderied.
  • It was mentioned at the meeting that the food fair was on the same weekend of our event; one member suggested that we may as well forget our event in view of this development. I pointed out that our date was set and the Skellig Hotel was booked, some members expressed surprise at my statement as if we had not agreed to book the Skellig at the previous meeting.
  • A member suggested that a reception after the mass at the Harbour Lodge was not necessary? Did we not agree to this at a previous meeting?
  • Some members stated that they did not get the minutes of the previous meeting.
  • There was a view expressed that the event should be held in the Dingle Bay Hotel instead of the Skelligs
I felt at this stage that items agreed at previous meetings were up for change and that decisions already made were being quashed.


We were going NOWHERE.


I left the meeting at this stage after stating that I could not operate like that.
In view of the above and the fact that there were only four houses represented at the meeting, I regret that I will no longer be part of the organising committee for the centenary celebrations.


Please feel free to read this account at your next gathering.
'Best of luck going forward,
John O'Connor



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