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Fifth Meeting of the Cottages Centenary

Celebrations Planning Team

Held in Dingle Bay Hotel on Thursday, 4th June 2009.



                   James Sheehy,

                   Christie Slattery

                   Mary Donnegan

                   Marie and John O’Sullivan

                   Brenda Farrell

                   Margaret Holderied

                   Joe Lynch


Apologies:    Brian Farrell, Tommy Sheehy, Maurice Donnegan     


1.                   Marie has checked with the Cannon and he is happy for Father Jack to say the Mass.


2.                 Margaret has spoken with Michelle O’Sť  regarding music after the meal and has also left a voice mail for Padraig.  She hopes to have confirmation and cost for next meeting.


3.                 The Skellig Hotel will have a vegetarian option on the menu.   Any guests with special requirements such as coeliacs or diabetics need only tell the waiter on the night and they will be catered for.  A minimum of 70 guests are required for the function room to be made available.  So far the numbers expected to attend from each house are as follows;

 4 Sheehys

17 Slatterys

10 Farrells

12 Donnegans

 6 Sullivans

 2 Joe Lynchs

 2 or 5  David Lynchs

 2 Colgans

 2 Holderieds

 3 Guiheens

Father Jack

Numbers are still to be obtained from John O’Connor, Padraig Lynch and other houses who have not yet replied.

To make it easier to keep track it was decided to print tickets and ask everyone to purchase these prior to the event.


4.                 A Credit Union account has been opened with Brenda and Margaret as signatories.   The account holds €850 at present.

Any households who wish to take part and who have not already paid should let Brenda have their €100 as soon as they can.  Joe and Brenda will ask the remaining people.


5.                 It was decided to go ahead and order 100 postcards using the photo of the 15 cottages taken by Maurice.   Margaret will order them from Vista Print.  The wording to be ‘1909 – 2009 Cottages Centenary’.


6.                 Joe had obtained quotes on banners etc. and found Kieran McCluskey to be very competitive and it was decided to go with him as he is local.   The quote for a double sided banner is €700 and for a 4 foot x 4 foot aluminium sign is €200.    It was decided to get 2 of the signs at €200 each (one for the gable of the first cottage and one for the last cottage).  These signs can be erected as soon as received and left up for as long as they last where as a banner would be more expensive and could only be left in place for a short period of time.   Joe will place order with Kieran.  The wording will be ‘1909 – 2009 Cottages Centenary An Choill’.


7.                 There was nothing further to report on the funding from either Kerry County Council or Udaras.  Brian and Christy to continue efforts.


8.                 Margaret to arrange with Marian O’Flaherty for article in Kerry’s Eye.  Photo to be taken on 11th June at 6 p.m.  Group to gather at Last Cottage. 


9.                 Next Meeting – Thursday, 2nd July at 9 p.m.


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